Credit Disability Insurance

Your Credit Is Important. Protect It!!

Enjoy the security of knowing that your family would not inherit your debt. These are the benefits of the Credit Insurance:

  • Covers personal loans, auto loans and credit lines.
  • Premium is added to the loan's monthly payment.
  • Designed specially for Credit Union members.

No matter if it is a loan for home improvement, or to buy a car or for your children's education, you can make sure that your family won't be left with the burden if you get disabled. With a small monthly amount, you can protect the economic well-being of your family and maintain a good credit.

The Credit Disability Insurance makes your loan payments for you while you are disabled.

There is always a possibility that, at any time, we will be disabled from working due to an accident or illness. CUNA Mutual's Credit Disability Insurance makes the monthly payments on your insured loans, making it easier for you to take care of other obligations.

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