Phishing: What is it?

“Phishing” is a high-tech internet scam using e-mails (spam) or pop-up messages trying to trick you into giving out your financial and personal information.  The “phisher” pretends to be a legitimate financial institution or credit card company.  The e-mail usually says that you need to “update” or “validate” your account information.  The message usually directs you to follow a link to a Web site that looks like a legitimate financial organization – but it isn’t.  It is a spoof Web site and the phishers want to trick you into divulging your personal information so they can steal your identity and conduct fraudulent transactions using your information.  Please note that your Credit Union will NEVER ask you by way of e-mail for any confidential or financial information.  If you ever receive an e-mail from the credit union that appears to be suspicious, please contact us immediately.